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EVENT | 29.08.2019 20:00

Sion, Switzerland


Date: August 29
Time: 20:00



Prom. des Pêcheurs 10
Sion, 1950 Switzerland

Gidon Kremer and Kremerata Baltica

Gidon Kremer (violin)
Alexei Mochalov (bass)
Ieva Parsa (soprano)
Lukas Geniušas (piano)
Artem Firsanov (video director)
Aleksey Venzos (cameraman)
Valeriy Pecheykin (scriptwriter)
Vilius Keras (VJ)
Kremerata Baltica




Dmitri Shostakovich (1906-1975)
Antiformalists Gallery (arr. by A. Pushkarev for bass and chamber orchestra)




“Chronicle of Current Events”

New multi-media project based on the music of Mieczysław Weinberg


Gidon Kremer says about this new project:

“The idiom of Mieczysław Weinberg is highly emotional and honest. First I got to know his music, later I also discovered a personal agreement: Weinberg’s fate was in many ways similar to my father’s, who also suffered a lot from the Holocaust. With Chronicle of Current Events it was my intention to tell the life story of Weinberg through his music. First I imagined it to be a semi-theatrical production. In my youth, being passionate about theatre, I dreamt about becoming a director. These days I realized, that for the serious intentions I had regarding this “Homage”, my skills and enthusiasm will not be sufficient, so I looked for help and did approach the outstanding director Kirill Serebrennikov  with my “self-made” script. It was Kirill who suggested to tell the story in a different way – building a bridge to our time and I immediately saw his approach and potential in a much stronger (while different) light. Kirill suggested me a cooperation with his assistants and students – something I immediately endorsed having met them in Moscow. This way Valery Pecheykin, Artyom Firsanov and Daniil Orlov became our associates.

In Chronicle of Current Events music and video feed each other, but not in the usual way in which music accompanies what is shown on the canvas. Weinberg’s music comes first in our project. It forms a source of inspiration for the video artists, and enables them to reflect our time.

The choice of music at Chronicle of Current Events, which I made myself, will be performed live, and consists of parts of symphonies for chamber orchestra and some Weinberg film music in addition to solo works and chamber music.

My personal wish is to appeal to the public with an open mind and to appeal to everyone’s heart and imagination. I want to remind people, through music and images, that there is a lot of injustice in our world. I try to create some empathy for that.”