News | 02.07.2018

Gidon Kremer and Kremerata Baltica in The Sounds of the Dolomites festival

In July 2018,  Gidon Kremer and Kremerata Baltica are going to give a series of concerts inThe Sounds of the Dolomites festival. It is a unique and special event that takes place in the Brenta Dolomites – mountains range in the middle of the Italian Alps. It is a seemingly unreachable and distant place where the beauty and harshness of nature is combined with the delicate sound of music.

Gidon Kremer would give three performances during the festival presenting three very different programs.

On July 18, Gidon Kremer is going to present his solo project – Preludes to a Lost Time.   It is a multi-medial project combining 2 different forms of art – photography and music. With the help of the project, a completely new view to the last century is shown. In the transcription for violin solo and performance by Gidon Kremer, you will hear M. Weinberg’s 24 Preludes that were originally written for cello. It will be complemented by video material – photographs by the Lithuanian photographer Antanas Sutkus.

Both of the outstanding artists – Weinberg and Sutkus – are great personalities of their time. While for one its the sound, and for the other the world of visuals, both combined they create a figurative interpretation of the soviet time environment.

On July 20, Gidon Kremer and Kremerata Baltica would give a concert in theChurch of San Vigilio where you would hear music of Schubert, Desyatnikov and Chopin. Among the repertoire, that was originally written for violin, Gidon Kremer, accompanied by Kremerata Baltica, are going to perform two well known pieces by Frederic Chopin – Mazurka and Nocturne, originally written for piano and transcribed for the solo violin and a string orchestra by a composer, and a long-time friend of Gidon Kremer and Kremerata Baltica, Victor Kissine.

A closing concert of the festival would take place on July 22 in the Malga Brenta Bassa – a stunning natural amphitheater in the heart of the Brenta valley and with a spectacular view of Brenta Dolomites. In this concert Gidon Kremer, Kremerata Baltica and French clowns Julien Cottereau and Catherine Germain are going to present their new project “Con Amore”. This would be a world premiere!

In this performance the world of classical music meets the abstract world of clownery. The clowns become music interpreters and musicians become both actors and spectators. As Gidon Kremer says: “Since my childhood, I was a fan of circus as such. Not only because at that time virtuosos (magicians, jugglers, acrobats, musicians) fascinated my imagination. Partly it was thanks to clowns. They created a special atmosphere in which you could be lifted up from reality, laugh to tears at yourself. Clowns allowed everyone to feel “silly” and therefore underlined, that we all are very human. The recent cooperation with mimes and clowns of the worldwide known company of Slava Polunin allowed me and Kremerata Baltica to create together the very poetic Snow Symphony. This triggered my wish to do one more step in the same direction -somewhat a “chamber version” related to circus- a concert/show in which, without any special decorations, a wonderful couple of great French artists Julien Cottereau and Catherine Germain (known as  Arletti) became our storytellers and soloists.”

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